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Nike 2018 Universal Font for World Cup 2018 (TTF)

Nike 2018 Universal Font for World Cup 2018 (TTF)

This is a typeface for some National Teams endorsed by Nike which will be used during the World Cup 2018 Russia. Australia, Croatia, Poland, seems to use this Nike 2018 universal font.

Nike World Cup 2018 TTF Font

Note that these includes chest numbers, which is slight different from back numbers (without inner line). We mapped the chest number to the alternate “upper” characters of numbers key. You can type the chest number by press (SHIFT) + (Number you want to type). This mapping is use a US layout keyboard.

EXAMPLE : You want to type chest number 2, so press (SHIFT) + (Num 2), in US layout keyboard it was ‘@’ character.

US Layout Keyboard

This font is available in TTF and OTF files (the vector font for each team will come later). The TTF/OTF font is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Easy to use with just typing on your keyboard.

Nike 2018 TTF Font Installation Preview


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