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Pumas UNAM 2017-2018 Font (TTF & Vector)

Pumas UNAM 2017-2018 Font (TTF & Vector)

This is font of Mexican team Pumas UNAM for season 2017/2018. Used for 2017/2018 season in all competitions.

This font is available in TTF and OTF files. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS. TTF/OTF font is one-layer plain font. Easy to use. Just install and type it on your keyboard.

Pumas UNAM 2017/2018 TTF Font

Pumas UNAM 2017/2018 TTF Font Installation Window

We have also provide vector font (in eps format) as an option. You can open the EPS file with CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or other vector-based applications.

Pumas UNAM 2017/2018 Vector Font


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Note: Make sure you have read description above, and understand the difference between ttf font and vector font, and know how to use those files.