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England 2022 Font (OTF)

England 2022 Font (OTF)

This is England Football National Team font which used for their matches from 2022. Will be used in World Cup 2022 Qatar.

England 2022 Kit Font

We have font that you can use as England 2022 font. There are 2 type in one package, one for general font with all plain letters and numbers, and the other for back number which have FA logo in the bottom of the numbers.

England 2022 OTF Font

England 2022 OTF Back Number

This font is available in OTF files. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS. OTF font is one-layer plain font. Easy to use with just typing on your keyboard.

England 2022 OTF Font Installation Window

We also have a bonus for you. Since the actual font is two-toned colors with outline, we also provide the vector version of the font (in EPS) which has the light blue outline and dark blue main color.

England 2022 Vector Font

What you’ll get:
Font set (A-Z 0-9) in .otf format
Back Number font set (A-Z 0-9) in .otf format
Vector Font set (A-Z 0-9) in .eps format
Football Assosiation logo – hidden in [shift+number] characters
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