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La Liga 2018/2019 Font (TTF & OTF)

La Liga 2018/2019 Font (TTF & OTF)

This is La Liga 2018/2019 Font. This typeface is the refined version of the previous season typeface, which contain slight difference on the numbers.

The letters is the same style as universal La Liga font as last year, but the number changed with more shadow-like border, which gives it a slimmer, dynamic appearance. At first glance, the new number looks same as the previous font. Here is the difference with the old number.

La Liga 2018/2019 New Typefont

La Liga 2018/2019 TTF Font

This new font typeface is available in TTF and OTF files. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS. TTF/OTF font is one-layer plain font. Easy to use with just typing on your keyboard.

La Liga 2018/2019 TTF Font Installation Window

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